Our Signature Flavors

Filter Coffee Bonbon

Filter Coffee Bonbon

Dark Chocolate with a gooey smooth Coffee + Chicory ganache. This flavor is our version of the South Indian specialty drink has beans that have been flown in from a coffee plantation in the hills of Tamil Nadu, India

Almond Sparkle Bonbon

Almond Sparkle Bonbon

Crunchy Almond Butter and Milk Chocolate Ganache with a Caramel notes to finish a bold and rich flavor. Will remind you of the Badam Halva you grew up eating.

Mango Lassi Bonbon

Mango Lassi Bonbon

Our first ever Bon Bon! White creamy chocolate with a mango ganache center filing. Tastes just like a glass of Mango Lassi.

Orange Clove

Orange Clove (Vegan)

For all the dark chocolate fans out there! Vegan Belgian Dark Chocolate with a burst of orange flavor mixed with hints of the warm flavor of cloves. Perfect for winter.

Pistachio Kulfi

A unique blend of white chocolate, pistachio and hint of cardamom. Traditionally served as a popular ice cream flavor in India, here we have transformed it into a bite size piece of chocolate.


Love a chai latte? Milk Chocolate temprered with a traditional chai spice mix that ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and hint of black pepper.


Velvety white chocolate is infused with red silk threads of Saffron- one of the most precious spices in the world. This is what gives the heart shaped beauties that hint of yellow hue.

Coconut Jaggery

Coconut + Jaggery (Vegan)

54% vegan dark chocolate is mixed with roasted coconut flakes with a hint of jaggery or Gur; which is an unrefined sugar made from sugar cane or date palm.


Born from the ruby cocoa bean, this ruby chocolate does not contain any added colorants. This bite size piece of chocolate has added organic rose petals that gives it the rose flavor.